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So, this is my fourth year working in this school. For four years I’ve never applied for trip/camp supervisor. Yes, the vision of supervising big number of students 24/7 and get involved with their activity during the trip/camp, surely very hectic. Those are reasons which kept me not to apply to be one of supervisor. However, this year (after several discussions with colleagues, Kayla and her mother) I decided to apply to be Beijing trip supervisor. We simply need to send a letter of interest and later principal will decide who will supervise particular camp.

It was decided there were 8 teachers supervising February 2013 Beijing trip.  Bu Popy, Bu Dani, Bu Lisbeth, Pak Tofan, Pak Dave, Pak Z, Pak Kelkar and I were appointed to be the supervisors of 90 something students’ body. I was actually excited for the trip since it will be my first experience goes to Beijing. I was hoping that someday I can bring my little family for holiday as well to Beijing, amiin. InsyaAlloh ;)

On Saturday 23 February 2013 we gather at Soekarno Hatta airport at 6 AM. Students were divided into 8 groups and we need to have a routine checklist of student attendance just to ensure everyone is in the same place and no one left behind. Se we took Cathay Pacific and transit in Hong Kong for around 2 hours, and then we continue other Cathay Pacific flight to Beijing.

We reached Beijing at night around 11 and we were welcomed by our tour guide (an Indonesian family who built travel agency whom already become our school partner for a long time, yes we are happy with their service). It took 30 minutes from airport to our Hotel. We stayed in Traders Hotel Beijing, a four starts hotel. The nicest place in Beijing for the toilet activity, hahahaa (most of places in Beijing doesn’t provide nice clean toilet).

The first day we visited Summer Palace and Bird Nest Olympic Stadium and Science Museum. It was 3 C, very cold for us. However the students and supervisors still have lots of energy. The places visited that day really something, we never been to before. The second day we visited The Great Wall and Long Qing Xia Valley (an area in suburb for people to make ice sculpting and ice sculpt exhibition, 2 hours from Beijing central city). The weather on the second day was even worst, it reached -4 C. Woohoooo…extremely cold.

The third day we went to Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square, a monumental place also grave of Mao Zedong, Chinese People’s Hero. It was located just right the opposite of Forbidden City, only 20 minutes from our hotel. In the evening we went to Wangfujing, a shopping area. On day 4 we went to Tianjin, a suburb city. This is the first time we traveled using Bullet Train, very fast train. We visited two places in Tianjin, Binjiang Road and Chinese Cultural Street. In the evening time we watch Chinese acrobatic performance. It was wonderful trip of the day.

We visited 798 Art areas on the 5th day in the morning and attended Chinese calligraphy class at afternoon time. In the evening we went to a mall around our hotel area to have a relaxing time, students and supervisors have free time to go to café, shopping and even to play ice skating. On our last day we visited Beijing Zoo to see the most famous animal in China, yes Panda. Afterward we pray in the oldest mosque in Beijing ‘Niujie Mosque’ while the non-Muslim students were having their lunch. An then we visited Temple of Heaven

So, it was a tiring trip yet fun. Luckily I have ‘line’ application installed on my smartphone so I can easily communicate with Kayla and her mother. It’s just so nice to hear your beloved ones were missing your presence :D


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