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Alhamdulillah, this time a business trip to Melbourne has arranged. A two days’ workshop was scheduled in Melbourne, Australia.  To be exact, it was held in one of the motel in Box Hill area, Victoria. It was a workshop of reporting system which our school purchased, we’ve had this system implemented for three years and we were planning to upgrade to the latest version. Pak Chairul, our school database engineer was sent along with me, the system administrator, to attend this workshop. Both of us were so excited to attend the workshop, yet we both know as well there will be a bigger responsibility for us to implement the system once we return to Jakarta.


However, knowing that it was a rare opportunity, we take the offer and try to make it to the max ;) . Our school arranged someone, Pak Saiman, to drive us to airport. We still need to come to work half day on Monday 23 February. The flight from Jakarta to Denpasar, transit around four hours and we continued other Garuda flight to Melbourne.

We reached Melbourne at around 9 AM, it was raining and the temperature was 6 C. Obviously, for us who never been to four seasons country before was challenged by the weather. It felt extremely cold for us, we use cab from Melbourne airport to our Motel which took around 40 minutes. Apparently, Box Hill was a suburb area, a bit far from main city. The area was so quiet, and once we reached motel we take a rest.

We happened to explore Box Hill at evening time, surprisingly the central shopping mall which connects train between cities was closed at 6 PM, to us who live in Jakarta it was funny experience. Luckily, there were few small restaurants still open at that hour. Pak Chairul had roast chicken for his dinner, while I had huge fish and chips.

The second and the third day went well with the workshop. Most of the attendee was from Melbourne, I mean it was only me and Pak Chairul who came from Indonesia. There were lots of new challenging topics from this workshop. Luckily the presenter was very helpful. It was nice experience meeting people from other schools. There are no participant from International School in Melbourne (I think it is not common), most of them are from Catholic school or government school.

The fourth day we went to Melbourne central city, we took train from Box Hill to Findler Street Station. It is so nice to see how the government arranged such terrific public transportation. Oh, it was a big difference atmosphere we found there. The location was so artistic. We took a walk see places, lots of artist were painting the road. We also took the boat in Yarra River. It was a wonderful experience.

On the fifth day, we were welcomed and guided by Mba Siti, our colleague’s sister who lived in Melbourne, to have a look other places. She took us to Victoria market and had lunch there. Then we went to Sky Deck (the highest building in Melbourne) to see Melbourne city ‘bird view’. In the evening time she took us to meet her family and we had dinner at her home. Thank you Mba Siti for your kindness :)

Out of 5 breakfast, we had lamb chop 3 times. Yes, in the morning, feels so good and tasty. We happened to share some cigarettes (Pak Chairul’s) to taxi driver, hotel receptionist, homeless people we met on the street, surprisingly they were very happy to receive such :) . I guess it simply because cigarettes (and other stuff) are costly.

A fun business trip yet made me missing Kayla and her mummy so bad :D


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  1. - s M i L e - says:

    Hemm…minggu ini ada tawaran workshop lagi nih di Melbourne, ikut ga ya? *galau* hehehee…

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