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Internet heaven

Wooooowwwww…yes it is a “WOW”. Why? Obviously it is a good news (at least for me). For those who are an internet freak or to be specific an extreme downloader, they will be very happy if they can download any internet item with 2MB/s. There are millions of musics and movies ready for us to download ;)

Perhaps it is nothing if you have a greater internet connection at home, but this internet speed I got at my working place, yeaayy…can you imagine? Now, office seems like an internet heaven for me, hehe :D

The only limitation is that I only have this connection when I reach office early in the morning (I reach my work place usually at 6.50), and the internet speed will go slower starts at 7.30, yup the more staff coming in the slowest internet connection we have (FYI, we have more than 700 internet users every day in my working place, yes 700!). But, I don’t mind since it is still in tolerable speed.

Have a look at the following screen shot.  I downloaded several files from the internet and if we sum up the total is around 500 MB and believe it or not it was downloaded successfully within less than 10 minutes.


Note : Don’t get jealous, your company can provide you such internet speed as well, simply ask them to pay 40 million monthly (at least) to the internet service provider ;)

2 Responses to “Internet heaven”

  1. Sandy says:

    ahahah nyombong neehhh download-in filem2 dong ^^ hahahaha

  2. - s M i L e - says:

    Ahahaha…bukannya nyombong, cuma ingin menyampaikan aja kalo perusahaan yang bukan IT based pun bisa menyediakan fasilitas internet yang baik, hehe :D

    Gw dah download-in film petruk dan si gareng tuh sand ;)

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