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Kayla oh Kayla

I will let the following videos describe better :)

1. 23 Months Kayla was playing in Rumah MainMain. Kayla really enjoyed spent her time here ini Rumah MainMain, it was almost magrib time (close to 6 PM) but she did not want to go home.


2. 2 Years 1 Week Kayla was having a good time while her hair was being cut. Initially she refused to sit and have her hair cut (i guess it just that she feels uncomfortable with the stranger, until her mommy grab some cooking toys) ;)


3. Subhanalloh, our 2 years and 2 Months daughter is starting to pray on her own. It was recorded by her mommy while I was at work. There was no voice of her mom since Kayla would not want to be captured if she hears things, so mommy keep record her (silently).


2 Responses to “Kayla oh Kayla”

  1. motik says:

    Kayla nggemesin! Umur segini makin asik ya Is udah makin besar, komunikasi pun makin lancar udah bisa dua arah. Tinggal nunggu bisa nyalon bareng bundanya nih hehehe…
    itu di video kejar2an sama bundanya aja. Tumben ayahnya sama sekali ngga ada di video nih. lagi jadi orang di balik layar aja ya :D *narsis mode off*

  2. - s M i L e - says:

    Alhamdulillah, iya tik, subhanalloh lucu banget. Emang sekarang sudah bisa di ajak ngobrol, kadang-kadang kita suka pura-pura salah dalam bicara eh..nanti di benrin sama kayla :)

    Ayah nya lagi pengen belajar menjadi director handal *halahgubrak :D

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