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Kayla’s Appetite

The following pictures were taken after Kayla gets better from her burnt skin. We just felt tired after facing a quite serious moment after the accident and decided to have a little of fresh air. So, on the weekend we went to ITC BSD for window shopping and also a little bit of relaxing moment. I am sure not many people agree that visiting ITC is one of way to relax yourself but actually the idea is just to get out from home, and of course to have a look at DVDs :D .

So, after looking around we got several stuffs (read : mission unaccomplished – it’s NOT only window shopping) and we had our lunch in one of the famous Japanese restaurant…I bet you can guess. During our lunch, I took several pictures of our gorgeous daughter and i tried to combine into a thing called Comicayla (read : Comic Kayla) ;)



3 Responses to “Kayla’s Appetite”

  1. motik says:

    haha mangkoknya hokben tuh kliatan :D
    syukur deh kalo makannya lahap ya kay. Kyara abis sakit juga jadi makan mulu nih hehe.. ayahnya jgn kebanyakan makan ya, tabah melar ntar badannya :D

  2. Sandy says:

    haha akhirnya bisa dikuncir-kuncir si Kayla ! Pic ke-4 , mirip Agnes-nya Despicable Me hahahah

  3. - s M i L e - says:

    @Motik : Nah, itu dia sulitnya tik, Kayla bakal lebih terangsang untuk makan kalo liat ayah nya makan, alhasil lingkar pinggan ini bertambah (payah deh), hehe :)

    @Sandy : Hehe, iya sand, luchunya Kayla tuh juga suka bergaya kaya gini sambil bilang “Oooo” (ekspresi kaget ala Kayla) ;)


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