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Hello world!

Hello again, this is my first blog since my last time blogging. Well..it is like months (or even ages) i stop to do this enjoyable procrastinating activity :D

My wife is the one who encourage me to put this in english, she said “you do the typing then i’ll check the grammar” i said “ok ney” then..here we are  (so, if u find any “unclear” or gramatically error articles it means this blog has not been proof read  yet, hihihi)

My 1st blog mostly tells about my self,my narcism and also alittle bit of my family. But now, probably i  will add some story of my own family since now i am maried and i am a daddy to be (hopefully, soon)

2 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Cyza says:

    Wow…very nice and cool blog…keep up the good work…continue posting…

    Consider inserting the feedburner subscription option…

  2. Hi Cyza, thank you for the advice ;)

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